Horma Pumps - Services We Offer

Horma Pumps services a wide variety of pumps and established a well equipt workforce. The service rendered include a reconditioning, servicing and other engineering and pump related services.

Reconditioning is done at our premises, where the focus is on engineering excellence and ISO 9001 standards. All components are reconditioned to O.E.M. specifications, and where needed, ceramic, tungsten etc. sprayed to ensure better service.

A detailed quotation on all repairs are issued to customers, allowing the freedom to choose the future of the unit to be repaired. Quotations are given within 48hrs after the job has been received.

Pumps can be performance tested to SABS specifications upon request. All vacuum pumps are tested as standard prior to despatch.

Horma also services vacuum units on site. This is followed with a report on the status of the unit tested.

Other services include but is not limited to special customer requests and or suggestions by Horma to its customers for improving serviceability of their units.


Horma Reconditioning Service specialise in the repair and supply of spares for various ranges of pumps.

Typical Ranges of pumps repaired:

Weir / Warman
RNE / Uni Pump

Other Services

Services not mentioned include but is not limited to the following:

Glass-Flake Coating
Ceramic Coating
Specialised Vacuum Equipment
Expert Advice on Pump Selections
Pump Testing


Horma Pumps services different models of pumps on site and on its premises.

Services carried out on site are usually followed with an detailed site test report ensuring it's clients of the best service,and supply of information concerning the state of the product in use.

Services done at it's premises are carried out ideally under customer supervision. Horma Pumps allows its customers to decide on the future of their equipment after visually inspected damaged components, and verifying the quotation on repairs.

Horma believes in customer involvement and open communication with all its clients, and a detailed inspection report indicating possible reason of failure is attached with every quotation done.